World Class Cavaliers

Welcome to World Class Cavaliers LLC. We are a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder of some of the finest purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, that will steal your heart! All of our Cavalier King Charles puppies are raised in our home, to ensure they will be a great pet for you! If you are looking for a lifetime companion, World Class Cavaliers has the perfect puppy to add to your family.


Puppies are beneficial to people in a variety of ways. They have a deep and storied relationship that dates back thousands of years. Wolves used to follow humans on hunting expeditions and eat any ...

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Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale

We are having top quality Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale! All Puppies are sold on strictly first come first serve basis.  There is no other Preference. This means: The Cavalier King Charles puppy is for sale until the deposit arrives, no exceptions. In cases of multiple deposits, the first one that arrives gets the puppy.  If your deposit is not the first one then your funds may be credited to a different dog or puppy.

Ruby $4,300

Nelly $4,800

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